International Patient

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 Prashanth Fertility Research Centre - The international destination for surrogacy treatment has delivered 322 babies through surrogacy as of date. Patients come for treatment from all countries where surrogacy is recognized.

Prashanth Fertility Research Centre IVF makes it easy for couples living outside India to come for treatment. We provide an extensive range of services in a friendly and personal manner, and work in cooperation with your local doctor so that your time spent in India is kept to a minimum.

Step 1 : Enquiry

The patient shall drop us an enquiry email, stating their problems along with the pre-investigated reports (if any). Certain tests will be repeated as per PFRC’s policy, three months prior to the treatment, listed below.


  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • One Semen Analysis


  • HIV
  • Hepatitis
  • Rubella
  • Varicella
  • Oestrogen, Progesterone, Prolactin, Luteinising Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone.
  • Ultrasound pelvis
  • Hysterosalpingogram
  • Anti Mullerian Hormone

Step 2 : 24 Hours – Online Consultation

Within next 24 hours of the enquiry, an online consultation will be arranged with one of our experts. The patient is requested to share with the consulting doctor at PFRC-IVF the challenges faced and details of what treatment they would like to consult for or require medical or invasive help.

A duly filled enquiry form with basic problems and medical reports (recent photographs, X-rays, ultrasound scans, pathological reports or a summary of observations on them, as per the treatment/procedure requirements) as an attachment with the enquiry form.


  1. Free online consultations
  2. Online payment facility

Step 3: Reviews and Reporting

PFRC-IVF ‘s International Patient Desk will revert with:

  • Answers to all their initial queries
  • Cost estimate of the inclusive costs of the treatment
  • Details on stay ,Visa , Travel ,Accomodation ,Currency Exchange and other support
  • A basic outline of the recuperation period for the selected treatment/procedure

We urge the patient to clarify their doubts about the treatment at this stage. Question can be directed to us via email or telephone. Video conference can also be arranged, if required.

Step 4: Planning a Trip

Once the patient confirms the travel, we will send the visa invites for the patient and the attendee to the Indian Embassy. Prashanth Fertility Research Centre assists with all documents and formalities required so that you have a hassle-free process. Head embassies / Consulates of most countries are located in Chennai, thus ensuring easy facilitation and completion of process in a shorter time as compared to other cities. Some embassies are in Delhi and we will help to forward the documents.

It is advised for the Non-Indian patients to obtain a medical visa (Note: Maldivian nationals have the permission to undergo treatment during their visa free entry stay of 90 days).

You can apply your visa at



In case of Surrogacy program, you have to obtain Medical (Surrogacy) Visa The following documents are required.

Surrogacy Agreement:

A legal contract between the Surrogate and Intended Couple. This is facilitated by PFRC on confirmation of the terms and conditions.

Invitation letter:

A letter from PFRC about the process and the same to request the embassy to issue a Medical Visa

  • Letter of Enrollment of the ART Centre.
  • Letter of NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the respective country for the Surrogacy program.
  • Marriage Certificate of the Intended Couple
  • Medical Letter from the local doctor saying that the Intended Mother is infertile.
  • Once you have these documents ready approach Indian Consulate/Embassy in your respective country for the Visa. After which plan your visit.


All foreigners visiting India on Medical Visa), within 14 days of arrival are required to get registered with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) so as to ease your agreement registration process.


  1. Original Passport & Emergency travel documents.
  2. Surrogacy agreement between the couple, surrogate mother & doctor treating the case.
  3. An undertaking from the surrogate mother that all liabilities contained in the agreement towards her, have been satisfactorily discharged by the intended couple who are foreign nationals.
  4. Letter from doctor treating the case
  5. Letter from hospital where infant was born.
  6. Infant’s (Applicant) passport.
  7. Infant’s birth certificate issued by Indian authority.
  8. Parent’s passport and visa copy.
  9. Copy of the travel Ticket (infant + parents).
  10. Infant’s color photo -3 (with white background).
  11. Proof of residence i.e. Hotel/Guest House Payment receipt, Leave & License agreement etc.

All surrogacy cases applying for ‘Exit permit’ would require minimum 2 working days for processing, provided all the documents are submitted.

Note: OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) /PIO (People of Indian Origin) Cardholders coming to India for surrogacy do not require a Medical Visa. However, on arrival to India, they will have to visit the FRRO for taking permission before starting Surrogacy.

Step 5: Booking & Support

  • The patient confirms the travel schedule to us and we send the visa invites for the patient and any other attendants accompanying the patient to the Indian embassy (from where patient shall be applying for a visa)
  • The patient forwards the detailed flight information to the PFRC-IVFteam
  • They communicate back the pre- and post-procedure instructions for the patient’s selected procedure and a detailed itinerary for suggested appointments

All foreigners (i.e. patients holding non-Indian passports) seeking treatment at PFRC-IVF are advised to have a valid medical visa and other relevant documents, if any, specific to their country. Maldivian nationals are permitted to undergo treatment during their visa free entry stay of 90 days.

Step 6: Arrival, Registration & Admission

Upon arriving at our facility, kindly submit your passport at the registration counter to complete your patient registration with the hospital. The hospital will keep a copy of your passport (the photo and Visa page) for your hospital record, which is mandatory.

  • The team of PFRC-IVF arranges for a free pick up of the patient from the airport and free drop at the end of the visit.
  • On request a Multilingual guides and secretaries services are offered.
  • Interpreters are arranged if need be
  • Immigration registration support is extended
  • The patient’s passport is verified for FRRO registration, and if required, the same is done online by the PFRC-IVF team
  • The patient is then brought to the PFRC-IVF center for the initial consultation with the doctor
  • An appointment is taken and the patient with his/her attendant is informed of the registration procedure International patient enclosure
  • Visa extension Support +


  1. Application form
  2. Recent Passport Photograph
  3. Request letter addressed to FRRO(Only in care of Delay / Overstay)
  4. Original passport and copy of passport (photo page, page indicating passport validity,visa page and indicating arrival stamp of Indian immigration)
  5. Address Proof –copy of valid ¬raised lease agreement or copy of recent electricity bill or telephone bill along with a letter from house owner & ID proof of the owner or letter from hostel/hotel or copy of ‘C’ form
  6. Medical report from recognized /specialized hospital/treatment center specifying the period of treatment with patient details. Treating doctor’s name and signature with hospital seal and nature of illness
  7. Fees Payable, if any (to be submitted as DD after approval of application)
  8. Any other supporting document
  9. Police Clearance certificate
  10. Doctors signed copy for the date
  11. Hospital Letter

Step 7: Consultation with the infertility expert

  • The patient’s first consultation with the infertility expert is scheduled on arrival.
  • The PFRC-IVF expert will:
  • Answer all of the patient’s queries
  • The patient and doctor mutually agree on the outcome and expectations of the results of treatment
  • The patient should discuss all the available alternatives and understand the complications of the treatment/procedure.

Step 8: Accommodation & Support

PFRC-IVFhas a dedicated network of accommodation in most hotels and guest houses near its centres. The patient selects an accommodation depending upon his/her choice and affordability. The PFRC-IVFrepresentative is available for international patients and assists them with local information such as transportation, etc. There are a few guest houses that allow for the patient to cook, however all our accommodation partners provide international cuisines and cater to specific diet requests of our patients.

  1. Currency exchange counter
  2. Treatment Coordinators
  3. Leisure Tour packages
  4. Insurance

Step 9: Treatment & Recuperation

Personnel from PFRC-IVFpersonally pick the patient up from the hotel/guest house and accompany them to the hospital on the day of the procedure to ensure that everything is in order. During the patient’s stay, the attendant is also served complimentary meals.

Patients must recuperate in the place of treatment for the required post-procedure period which is dependent on the nature of the procedure.

Our facilities are extremely hygienic and free from infections.

Follow-up consultations with consultants are done as per appointments scheduled and are a part of treatment packages.

Step 10: Follow up & Support

After the patient reaches home, follow-up email consultations are available as well.