It covers comprehensive reproductive care and treatments for any gynaecological problems in women starting from puberty, endometrosis, PCOS, Irregular periods, family planning, cervical problems, breast diseases, miscarriages, unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy care, maternity and delivery to menopause and such related issues.


Doctors are available round the clock who will brief you regarding the physiological changes in the body during pregnancy, do’s and don’ts in pregnancy diet, activity, medications and investigations which are mandatory in pregnancy. We have a well equipped state of the art 24-hour laboratory which performs all screening blood and urine tests and all other relevant investigations. A hi-tech ultrasound department with a 3-D and 4-D scan are available and beautiful photographs of your baby are available.

A thorough discussion regarding labour and the post natal period is done on an individual basis to make this journey from womanhood to motherhood joyful and safe. We also have a session on how to prepare your baby for a brother or sister.

During the last few weeks of pregnancy the doctors discuss labour, warning signs of labour and the ideal time for admission. A maternity list of all items to be incorporated into the delivery kit is available and will be handed over to the prospective mother to be. Discussion regarding the mode of delivery, need for inducing labour if she goes beyond her due date and the methods for inducing labour are discussed. Once the baby is delivered, the paediatrician who is available round the clock will receive the baby which is observed for a few hours before being handed over to the parents.


All problems in women from menstrual problems to urinary problems like incontinence, infertility, tumour of the uterus and ovaries are all treated by the dedicated team of gynaecologists. Our focus is on key-hole surgeries which we perform on a day care basis. Fibroids, adenomyomas, ovarian cysts and tumours, ectopic or tubal pregnancies, removal of tubal blocks can all be performed. Through the laparoscope large fibroids, as large as 10 cm can also be removed with the help of a morcellator, a masterpiece for grinding the fibroid assisting in laparoscopic removal through an opening as small as 1 cm. Laparoscope is also used to remove uterus as large as 12 – 14 cms, thereby obviating the need for large incisions. The hysteroscope is a telescope that can be inserted into the uterus to visualize and remove fibroids, polyps and to resect septums in the uterus which cause recurrent miscarriages. To date more than 10,000 surgeries have been performed with brilliant results making this keyhole surgery a minimally invasive and minimal pain day care surgery.


A fully functional well informed team of specialists handle this sensitive group of women who need special care, advice and counselling regarding menopause.


Is available to support and treat those women who are emotionally traumatized. A package of tests and advice is available to help them go home with a healthy baby.


Antenatal classes are conducted every month to provide information regarding diet, medication, pregnancy exercises, month to month changes in pregnancy, labour and its stages and pain relief in labour. An exclusive session regarding cord blood banking is also part of this monthly session. We have created an ambience and incorporated techniques to enable you to deliver your baby smiling. Antenatal and parent craft classes help you to cope with pregnancy, labour and the post natal period and increases the opportunity to have a normal delivery. This session is absolutely free of cost and a personal interaction is available at the end of the session.